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Were we flirting? I'm confused :/


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heh..I'm up writign an essay as well..and also procrastinating =) I just thought I'd respond because I've been in similar situations before with TAs..but they've at least always been in on-campus settings. Neglecting the quirkiness & the TA-factor I'd say that it sounds like he likes you. But you have to be careful..since he's not your TA anymore I think it's ok, but you don't want to do anything that will make you look foolish either. So just keepa professional touch if you do decide to pursue anything just in case..but from what I've read it sounds like he's at least a little attracted to you, although he may just be being friendly as well..I don't know his personality well enough to say really. Trust your best instinct..I find it's usually right. =)


Take care,



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Thanks Lily..


I erased my last message, I'd still like to hear some mre thoughts on this. I realize my message is long, I'll edit it later when I have more time..but I don't know if I should pursue anything, or if this means anything at all..or if he still just views me as a regular student although a bit more hardworking so he's willing to put more effort in? I don't know. I usually get along well with TAs and they usually make exceptions for me, so..I don't know. But they're usually not as flirtatious that's the only thing.


Perhaps I'll just wait until after Christmas holidays & see then..it's hard to tell from this point.

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Hmm..that's interesting. From what I gather after reading your message, it sounds like you two were flirting. But as you say he's naturally flirtatious, and since he's your TA, it's hard to tell whether he actually wants to pursue anything romantically out of it or whether he just wants to be friends. I'd say he doesn't just view you as a regular student though, for sure. But he may just view you as a friend..so I would just be cautious if you decide to call him up after hte break or anything, and be sorta casual about it. I don't know..good luck with it though!

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