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Someone plz explain flirting!!!


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theres no right or wrong way...well let me take that back i guess there is..


its when u like someone and its a good way to get to know them and what makes them smile and what just WIll NOT...


Pretty much the basics

Eye contact

find any reason to touch her "playful hints"

Teasing "playful"...

going through belongings of hers for no reason really...Put ur number in her cell if u got enough game lol

pretty much giving her ur attention in a playful manner...with sometimes depending on age sextual hints...i dont know how to explainit


umm...I dont know do u have ne older cousins...brother...to ask? they may be more help then me

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Step 1: Get comfortable around women. That means going up to women you don't know and getting used to starting conversations and KEEPING THEIR INTEREST.


Step 2: Once you're confortable start learning some body language stuff. An easy example is to what how James Bond holds his body, how he pauses lots, how he moves slightly slower then everyone else. Don't try to talk with an accent or be "suave"...just make an effort to hold yourself in a confident manner.


Step 3: I think basically flirting is teasing women. It's ok if you catch them looking at you to tell them, "hey i'm not easy ok..."


Flirting is basically a game. And don't be afraid to test things and step over the line a bit.

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