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hey..well see this is my problem.

its been about 4 months..and i can't seem to get over her...

it's weird cause everytime i see her i feel ..funny? lol


wel i still ge tthis feeling that she still likes me but everyone tells me she likes someone else...iduno..


everywhere we go...i always catch her looking at me..i dont undersatnd..

.. i stopped talking to her for a couple months..then she ims me randomly and eerything flew back into my mind..


can someone help me? im so lost and this is all i can think about..is there anyway i can changeher mind inot likig me or does she still liike me iuno im so confused.


thanks guys and girls!

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Try to get your mind on other things. Destract yourself. What is it about her that you like? Look for the same qualities in others that you wonder about.


Are you wasting your time with this person? Are you needing to spend time on things which will benefit you in the longrun, and not people and things and energies that will waste what time you have each day?


Best to you.



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Well ive learnt alot from some ppl, and one thing ive learnt is this.

She still likes you, she messages you when your not around so she misses you, but when your out, and shes out lookin at you, cant you just feed on that energy, to make you happy.

What i mean is, if you focus on that energy, then for one you wont look at her, you will GLEAM with smiles, and you will have lots of fun, if shes lookin at you, Dont once look at her.

You should be nice to watch, always laughing and smiling, but dont make it blatent, like laughing hard etc. lol never outstay your welcome, say hi to her, and hit the bar, shes noticing you, shes checking you out still.

So with that in mind, be sexy dude, be irresistible, dress nice, always smiling, CONFIDENT, condifent in body language and posture.


I know were talking bout your ex, but we can still relate, I know when i know when a girls liked me, they liked me even more cause i acted cool, I wasnt lookin at them all the time, but i would still acknowledge them, I would act confident, I would laugh and smile alot. Smile like you know your good lookin, and sexy all that stuff, with that in mind, the next time you see your ex, and you play it cool like that I bet she will be all over you or at least start to wonder.


Show her that you dont need her, i ONLY wanted a desire to be with her, ive learnt alot about desires and needs and its taken alot of stress away and alot of hurt away, hope that helped



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