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I don't really understand what it is!

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There is someone at school who i think could have a cutting problem. There are dozens of posts, but I really don't know the danger, the extent, or really anything about it


I'm not arrogant, it just isnt something learned in school accept for about 1 minutes worth. How dangerous is it, and is it suicidal thoughts or what? Again, i'm not arrogant or stupid, i just need to know some details, about the physical, and the mind-set part of the addiction. Thanks everyone!

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its just releasing tension and a way to calm your nerves , yet its very dangerous because you can get carried away and slice a vain which can kill u emidiatly and while cutting u do have bad thought roaming through your head...So i dont know


i use to cut and i never go tot the point of "suicide"...

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