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Could it ever work?

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Right, I will set the scene so far.

Basically it was around 4-5 months back, I got a message from a girl on faceparty, and replied to it. Soon enough we were talking on MSN quite a lot, and texting every now and then. It feels as if I have known her for years, although I have never met her, and just from seeing how caring and thoughtful she is, I really look forward to talking to her.

I dont even know if we will actually ever meet, or if anything will ever happen, but she lives about 100 miles away, and it isn't really THAT far, but from experience can anybody help me?

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It could work, but it probably won't be easy. Distance always puts astrain on relationships. It's easier for ones that develop with a manageable distance between them (how far are you willing to travel every week or other week) have a chance. My sister married a guy who lived about 100 miles from her. But he went to see her all the time.

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Beec is right. It could very possibly work, but LDRs aren't easy. The first step is that you REALLY need to know each other, pretty much inside and out (figuratively of course). You have to have a really strong connection for an LDR to be successful. If you have that, and you're strong willed, it can definitely work.

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