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High mental self esteem, low physical

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Well...everyone is their worst critic You may hate your body...but who likes there body right...if u think ur so hot i think your self obsorbed I think im ugly and girls think im Hot...And Also it doesnt matter if the man your with loves you and thinks you look good...I wouldnt worry about it and also Looks are in the eyes of the beholder. Looks dont even matter its all about personality.

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its so unfortunate that we place so must of our confidence in how we look, but we are girls and thats what we do, most of use anyway. What i mean is if we think we look good we feel good. Everyone has their fat days and it brings them down in mood, theres no changing that, so of course mental head is right when saying that its all about personality but we are our own worst critic and its hard to feel that way about yourself.


From experiemce i recommend losing some weight. It doesnt have to be a lot but just enough so that you can see and feel a difference. I only lost 2 kilo when i was overweight a few years ago but it made me feel on toip of the world and gave me a sense of achievement. It definitely made me like my body more and let me give my boyfriend the chance to do so as well On top of it all it gave the motivation to lose more weight and get into shape. Now i feel much better physically and mentally.

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It's hard when you feel insecure about your body. I can say that because I struggle with that as well. I hate my stomach. It's not huge, but it has a little "pooch" as my bf calls it. Bottom line is it has a jiggle and I HATE it. I just work on accepting it and work out and do my crunches and jog. That's all I can do.


My advice is what I do. When you look in the mirror see what you DO like and focus on the beauty you DO possess. Smile and accept that you are human and NOBODY is perfect --Remember that! I, like you, know my bf loves me completely and that includes my little jiggle (lol). He knows how I feel about it and gives me confidence when he expresses how beautiful I am. Have faith in his love and admiration for you. It's not about the physical --for that can change.


Good luck in gaining the confidence you are looking for. We all feel that way sometimes. -Bree

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