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I have a great plan but I need Advice!?!

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There's this girl I have been in love with since i met. She's 17 and I am 19. I was basically teased for one week of paradise. Paradise because i was with her romantically. Ever since we have been nothing more than friends other than once when I kissed her out of the blue (bad move I guess). She moved 2 towns over from here about 20 minutes away and lives with her father. Basically the only contact i have with her is through text messaging and Instant Messager. I used to be pretty close with her and I really do love her. She's all i can think about. I have a strong feeling im on her mind alot too, but she is afraid im going to use her. I think she is hurt so badly from her ex boyfriend and parents equally. I just want to become close to her again. I think i can show her that im not going to be like them and hurt her. So I need to get her to realize this, but i need to get her thinking about it so it bugs her and so shes thinking about me too much. I was figuring doing it by just texting something that is going to make her do so. But what would do the trick, im stumped please help me. thanx much

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I'm not sure if virtual communication is the best route in this situation. I'd try getting together with her more in the real world. It's only 20 minutes, that's not really so bad, if you have a way to get there. And if not, surely there's a place you can meet to hang out, like a town or a mall or something. I just think it would be awkward if you started talking about your feelings online after not seeing each other much in person, because then think of how weird it would be when you saw each other after that.

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Send her an mp3 of the song "Let's stay together" performed by Al Green. It will explain exactly how you feel to her, maybe follow it with some sort of message about you wanna get together with her. The only thing is if you use this song, you can't use it again later to set the mood when your hangen out on your couch with her. It's a one time use per girl song, and it works every time.

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