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the relationship between my family and me...


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my parents split up 16 months ago. it was one of those good ones bc they always fought as long as i can remember. dad has harassed my mom about how he still loves her and that it was her that made him lie and drink etc and all that and tries to get back with her. then she got a boyfriend two months ago. he is jealous and we(me and dad) have majorly fought twice about it and he constantly tries to put me on the spot and asks me questions about it. and claims moms bf is trying to take his spot in the family and he is doing nothing of the sort, dad claims he doesnt love mom anymore but is like "he in my driveway with my wife"etc .the second fight was like 20 minutes ago. and montana(my brother) us complety on his side, denying he did anything wrong. yea my mom didnt treat him perfect (ex blaming him for missing bras) but he wasnt a saint either (ex hitting us and etc).


but my mom is getting more selfish every day. all she does is be with stacey (her bf) im not jealous.. im glad she found someone and although he annoys me sometimes, hes alright. now she treats us worse and worse. im blamed for her missing bras and they dont even fit me. im the new scapegoat bc dad isnt in this house anymore. she comes home and yells at us and we fight. earlier she sed she talked to dad today and she was sick of montanas lazy aditude (which i can see) and my mouth (i couldnt see that point as well) so she sed she was going to start slaping me and beating montana. she sed we were white trash and to piss her off i sed we were. she sed i could move out. i want to. i hate them,. i know i wud cry if they died but i dont care i cant take it anymore. its just i dont have a friend who can let me move in with them ill type mor elater but she just got home/.

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btw i dunno if i sed this in the last post or not, im not jealous of stacey mom just acts ltotally different when hes here, in a bad way although i dont have to deal with her. with my dad it would suck also because he has a quik temper, and right now he is saving up money to move out of the crappy house he is in now.(landlord wont fix his electricity and heat) stubborn , and he wouldnt let me do anything. one thing we argued about was me going to a friends house on a school night, doesnt matter as long as i get the grade and get there on time (which grades are slipping and i dont ride the bus and mom takes me to school but it doesnt matter both of them would get me there late bc mom insists on saving gas and waiting for montana to get ready so she can take him to school at the same time.


both my parents think im the evil beotch to my brother and they dont see how he acts when they are not here. for example death threats and grabbing the poker from the fireplace. and he has been getting in trouble since he started school. he is in 6th grade and right now he is in alternative school. the reason is ok but its because of all the other stuff he has done that the school was fed up with they had to send him there for 45 days. and if i get a low B i get in trouble WTF! *bang bang baNG*

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ok stacey just came here. he had noticed mom didnt pick me up like she was suposed to an hour and 20 minutes ago. (it didnt matter becuz i couldnt go to my friends anyways) but it was still a matter of that she was 'late'. he went to her room and got his clothes together. i had asked was wrong (also asking if he didnt mind). she lied to him. sed she was going to TGI fridays for tiffanys bday party/ well she was going there after they left bettys suposedly( a bar they all meet up at) she told him she was coming to pick me up shortly. obviously a lie. she wasnt at TGIF. so we took it in as she went somewhere and didnt want him to know or go. and dad just told me they had slept together after tehy have been divorced. i didnt believe him and now i think about it and then this, she is a stupid ho (with a capital w before it and re after it)

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