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is there something wrong with me?

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ok my b/f of a year has brought something up to me. k well here i will start from the beginning...before i met him or before i ever started going out with him i got played so many times that its not even funny. all of my past b/f's ceated on me...and one of them would get a call say it was his mom (but it really was some other chick) and would say he had to leave cuz she needed his help and he would go have sex with some other chick and then come back to my house like 3 hours later. so i havn't been able to trust guys with anything. well my b/f is like the greatest guy ever, he's better than all of them other guys...but for some reason i just cant forget everything that has happened in the past...like if something will happen with my b/f and me sometimes it wont bother be but other times i have like flashbacks of what happened with the other guys and i start thinking well hey they did this to me is that what hes doing too?

but he's all like well im getting sick of getting treated like a player when im not even one. but i cant help it sometimes...i was badly hurt for 2 straight years every guy that i met hurt me. so its just hard to think oh hey hes doing something that i've seen before happen but im just going to forget and not think anything of it. i cant do that. but he thinks that i need to get over what happened to me before...but how do i do that? and am i wrong for beginning like this?

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at one point I sorta felt like I was in your situation, heck, maybe to an extent it still worries me. When i first started dating I seriously had like 5 girls in a row lead me on and drop me for other guys (usually significantly older/richer than me). It has definetly made me more cautious(perhaps too much) with giving my heart away, but I've learned a lot from it all and have recently improved my confidence significantly. I now feel that i'm in good mental shape for the most part, and I wouldn't have this experience if everything hadn't happened.


I'm sorry you've had it rough so far emotionally, but if you let people who hurt you in the past, hurt you in the present, you'll never be able to live in the present. Instead of worrying about mr. yesterday just try to do your best with mr. standing right in front of you

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I think he needs to be understanding. If you have been hurt by so many other men, his pressuring you wont make him any better in your eyes.


It sounds like you have told him about your situation, but talk to him about what he needs to do. Tell him you have a hard time trusting men but want to trust him, but tell him that it will need to take time.


And no, there is nothing wrong with you.

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