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sex talk..heavy flirting..I need help in this area

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I'm stuck in limbo between my second and third date because even though we're sexually attractive to one another, I still don't know what to say that would take her "over the top". We conversate on topics but for me it's hard to segue into talking about sex as it relates to me and her. So, what are some of the safe and non-offensive sexual innuendos that could sparking sexual feelings from a woman? Complimenting her beauty is something that I've already tried. What's the key to talking dirty without being too much?



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Have you asked her what she likes and what shes into, sexually?


Ask about her fantasies, and tell her what yours are. Ask her things like if she could have sex anywhere, where would it be? Or ask her what is something she has always wanted to try (like a certain position or something kinky) she will more than likely ask you the same kinds of things, and you will go from there.

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whisper in her ear that she smells really good and kiss her neck and ear lobes as you do it.

Whisper to her that you cant keep your eyes or hands off her. Tell her that you want to kiss every part of her body.


I'm sure if you invite her over to your place for dfinner sparks will fly. You can always ask her to dance, this usually leads to fun activities hehe. Be romantic but passionate, maker her feel like you really really want her.

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