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I hate to ask this but...........................


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Does any other guys here ever have a problem farting when they cum? It happens to be regularly and the last women I had sex with jumped out of bed, called me a ignorant *&^% and got dressed and left. Talk about ruining the moment. I didn't mean to do it and it is not that I try, it just happens. Any help appreciated.

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It's normal, so don't freak out. It's never happened to me during sex, but happens quite frequently when a girl goes down on me. It's like a balancing act then. If I'm laying on a bed and getting head, and I feel like I'm about to fart, then I have like this battle going on because a girls head is right there so I start up all these fantasys in my mind so I can blow my load quicker.


It happens to my friends as well. I was told it happens because you are really relaxed. Not sure if that's true, but it does happen to guys.

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has anyone ever had a girl fart when you were going down on her, like from a 69 position so your nose is "you know where" ?


That is sick and I would be so embarrassed if that ever happened to me...


If I ever felt like I had to fart then I would ask the guy to stop until I felt better... out of respect

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has anyone ever had a girl fart when you were going down on her, like from a 69 position so your nose is "you know where" ?


I can't say that a girl has ever farted when I've gone down on her, but maybe she has and I didn't notice or whatever.


No girl has ever queefed when I've gone down on her, but it's happened quite a few times during sex, primarilly in doggie-style. I know that is just natural and it is just air, but I find it so hilarious. Once a girl queefed about 3 times during sex and it kept getting worse, I started off by controlling my laughter, but then I burst out laughing and toppled over on her back while still being in her. Call me immature if you want, or just extremely comfortable around her, but it was so funny. She got embarressed and told me so, but I told her not worry about because it's just trapped air. Nothing to be ashamed of.


Same goes for farting. Yes, it could ruin the moment, but it's a natural phenomenon. If someone farts during that moment and you hold that against them, you cannot just call them a pig or whatever. If they have a serious gas problem, then they should get some help for that.

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The doggie style "farts" arent actually farts at all... they may sound funny but its just that when you are pushing your dick in and out the air is getting forced in and out...


Please dont say they are farts.. hehe....


My best friend was in Italy for a year and she was having sex with a guy who couldnt speak english and that happened and she was so embarrassed cause she couldnt exactly tell him that it wasnt a fart.... YIKES!

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Honestly though, I wouldn't have cared. Partly because I have a bad stomach so i'm always burping... *hmm*... but if anyone farted anywhere any time I'd just pass it off as normal. After all, I'll be more concerned if they never fart, then I have to wonder if we need to send the guy to a hospital.

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that reminds me of a sad sad story...


a couple got married, and on the first day of their honeymoon the husband decides to play a little intimate joke on his newly wed wife... he wanted to fart on her face as she wakes up basically. I don't see why anyone would do that since it's so offensive for any intimacy level... but that aside, he really was having bad stomach that morning so he.. eh... released stomach pressure on her face.


... they got divorced.


I'm not sure if it's an urban legend or something. I heard it too long ago to be able to remember where the source is.

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I can imagine in the heat of the moment with people thrusting and stuff it can happen. Its never happened to me....yet.


In terms of that "queef" (if that is thr right term) thing, my friend once showed me a porn blooper of a guy going down on the girl in a scene from behind and she farted. God she must of been embarrassed.


If I was with a girl and she farted while in the moment I would try to ignore it, unless it was really obvious and I would probably laugh while she was like . I would just prey it doesnt smell or i will also be like

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my nf tends to fart as he you know whats some of the time!!!i guess it has something to do with how many times you squirt?!and just the relief of squirting! i just ignore it!1 can i just say seriouness aside i am finding this so so funny. just all the little sayings!! sorry

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I don't have time to read every reply, so maybe this has been said already but I'll say it anyhow. 1) it's common, as you've already heard. 2) When it happens to me and my boyfriend, we just laugh it off! It's funny! It's not like you have a ton of control over it. It's really normal, and any woman who freaks out about it is probably just inexperienced. Otherwise she'd know that it's not your fault.

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iv queefed was so embaressed but my bf just giggled and told me it was ok and gave me a cuddle. int he first few months my bf wd never fart in front of me, but he did once and all i could do was laugh so he farts in front of me now and i giggle so much-he doesnt do it to be rude, he knws i giggle


me x

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