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How do i trust him again


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I have been going out with my boyfriend for over 2 years. In the beginning of our relationship, we split for a while and he went out with someone else. We split for a month and then he wanted me back, so i took him back. 2 yrs later i found out from some of my friends that he got of with this gal at a party. I confronted him about it and he told me what happened. He seemed really sorry about it and burst into tears when he thought i was going to split up with him, i i mean he really burst into tears i have never seen him cry so much. I didnt split with him, we are still together, the only problem is i worry when he goes out with his mates to parties etc. I no i shouldnt because i think he knows if he does anything like that again he will lose me, but it doesn't stop me thinking. write back x x

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When you found out he "got" with this girl was it from the time you two were separated, or was it another time while you two are together? If it was while you were parted, well you really can't hold it against him since you two were separated, even if it upsets you. If he met with her again after you two got back together, then you should definatly be upset with him. But you said you two talked, he said he doesn't want to loose you and that he really meant it. So you really shouldn't be so worried. The problem now is trust, and that can be a major relationship killer. If you can't trust him when he's out with his friends, then your never going to trust him unless your by his side. This isn't healthy, and it isn't how one should feel about the person they love. If he says he will never do anything do loose you, then you need to trust him and put your worries to rest. If it's hard, try reversing the roles and see how you feel. How would you react if he told you that he worries when you go out with your friends to parties and stuff like that? Would you feel like he's being insecure, since you know that you wouldn't do anything or let anything happen that would jepordize your relationship? The key to a good relationship is to accept that your mate would never do anything to ruin the relationship, and trust that person wouldn't break your heart. Of course it can happen, as many people in this site have talked about, but you have to be willing to take that risk as well.

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I think enough is enough. Your already on the back foot as you took him back in the 1st place.


How can you ever sincerely trust him again? You will have to live your life alway worring about this.


He should have more respect, he know you will alway come round now.


Good luck sweetie, just my thoughts

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