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Qurralling Over small matters.

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Hey guys, its been a while since I posted. But this matter has really been bothering me for a while.


My gf and I knew each other for less than 2 mths and we got together. And since then, things has been great, but we never seem to stop having arguments over small little things, e.g, we were chatting with each other over the phone last night, like 0400. And she said that she's tired and had a tummyache, so I asked her to sleep early but she didn't want to and wanted to continuing chatting. It went well for a while before she complained about her tummyache and tireness again. So I told her to turn in. And she started getting angry, she thought I didn't want to talk to her. And started saying stuffs like, "its not like I can't find anyone else to chat with..." stuff to provoke me.


I told her that I was just showing care and concerning in asking her to turn in. But she started giving me altiude and stuffs. I don't understand why is she constantly giving me the altiude whenever I say something that she doesn't like to hear. For a while now, I can't express myself openly, as I'm afraid that I'd angry her with my words. Its been kinda stressful for me. And its like I've been cheating on her or anything like that. This is just an example of what we argue about. It is a problem that I've to address about myself or is it a communication breakdown between us? Everything else besides this is, is really wonderful. I'm always giving in to her when she starts giving me this altiude of hers. What do you think I should do?

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the problem will continue unless u do something abt it now. I suggest that the two of u sit down somewhere where there's no disturbance and talk about it. Tell her how hard it is for u, and tell her how much u really care and want this to stop. Lay down the rules so that these kinda things wont happen in the future. Make sure everything's out on the table, so that there wont be any probs to bring up later. Tho make sure ur talking to her in a loving way to make her avoid misinterpreting (did i spell it right ) your good intentions .


Everything's solved with good communication. Maybe its in her attitude to be a little stubborn , so u have to be a little more understanding

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She seems like a very independent person... thats all maybe ? dunno her in real life, but from what u describe she seems like she may be a bit controllin, which is perfectly fine...


Remember dude, don't sweat the small stuff, because its just small stuff...


i gotta tell u a funny story, about arguing over small stuff...


My bro told me this story...


So one of his buddies sisters was out @ Buffalo Wild Wings, and she rly didn't want to be there, but the guy saw some friends and was like, comon we will have a good time!


So anyways, pretty soon they get to the line, which is really long, and the guy suggests they leave...


THEY GET IN A HUGE argument, about to break-up after 5 years of dating... over what? standing in line @ BWW's...


So communicate, and i doubt it will get any worse

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Thanks guys for the speedy replies. I seriously do hope that we can sort things out as you guys had said, but a part of me wants to, but the other part doesn't as I'm afraid she'll get all defensive. Knowing myself, sometimes I do get a little heated when I can't get anything accross to someone. I wonder how long can I keep all these couped up within me.


Am supposed to meet her tonight actually, but she says she wants to go home and rest early. Gosh, do you guys think that its because of the problem that we had earlier on?

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