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were there..but im scared


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alright so i just recently got a new b/f...my last one ONLY ever made out with me..no problems there..except that now ihave no expierence...so yeah, please give me some advice on these...

1-when a guy fingers a girl...how do they do it..and what do i do?

2-how do i give him head? i mean do i just suck on him? i honestly don't know...

3-when we are making out..how can i make it more interesting..and what do guys enjoy MOST about making out..so i know what to do




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I think we all have been there First of all, relax and don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with. Never feel pressured! As for the other stuff. It depends on your boyfriend's experience as well. You will have to experiment with each other. Not all guys like it the same. So I will try and help.


As for fingering... make sure his hands are clean and nails are cut...hopefully he will know what to do down there. You just enjoy it and soon you will know what you like and dont


As for giving head...never use your teeth! IT is extremely painful for a guy. Put your mouth around his penis and well sucks it...move your mouth up and down his penis. IF you can't insert his whole penis in your mouth, put your hand on the base and it in the same motion as you give him head. Take breaks and use your hands to stroke his penis. Also, anoher tiip is to massage his balls as you give him head. He will love it. Also with experimenting...you will learn what he likes too.


As for making out...it's fun! Go with the flow. kiss other places besides his lips such as his ear lobes...this is a very sensitive part of the male. nibble on them or suck gently on them...it will drive him wild


Best of luck...I hope this helps let me know if you need more answers

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hmm, about simply making out? i would assume most of us guys like a little groping while we're kissing you, in which case you don't have to do anything but let him touch you. make sure comfortable with this of course! if you're not ready for it, he shouldn't do it.


i wrote something of an essay about giving head actually (yes, from a guy's perspective)... i'll pm it to you, cause i wrote it for someone else a few days ago.


and when he fingers you...

just keep your legs a little bit open so he can actually get his hand down there... other than that, there's not much to do besides enjoy it! maybe clip some of the hair if you haven't already. personally i like a clean shaven vertical smile, but every guys is different on that issue. if you know he'll be doing to tuning up down there, try not the wear the cotton power rangers underwear... wear something sexy that doesn't cling to your body like tighty whities tend to do.


hope this helps.

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Not to be too crude, but if your gunna have a fun make out sesh, take off that shirt.


A little graphic, but she asked


If your going to go for oral sex, get some good lengerei. No big white panties. Thongs are fun for guys, and black is sexy. Not to many guys like shave a little, or it all down their. And if you want to give him head, he should hafta go down on you too. Tip giving head, don't expect him to want to make out still until you do a little mouth wash. Giving Head: just get it in their as far as comfortable without hurling, and move your head back and forth as fluid as possible, and dont go lightening fast, or turtle slow, and change up speeds once in a while. As well, if you dont want any liquids in your mouth, ask him to tell you before he is ready, and maybe give him a, otherwise known as your hand to finish off.


Overall, be gentil, and use a condom

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