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The best to impress?

Josh G.

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OK, ladies (or guys if u got some good ideas), what are some things, that would impress you alot that your bf could do, I mean anything, like helping somebody, doing something for you. Just stuff that would make you feel like he is a wonderful guy. Like, helps his mom do stuff at home, or does something romantic, or buys you soemthing small? Anything specific? Thanks, Josh.

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Be nice and seem like you really care about what's happening in her life (good listener), be Supportive, a little spontaneous, buy her a single rose, cook dinner (even if it tastes bad, it;s the effirt that counts), cheer her up when she feels bad, ask her if she could do anything for the day what would it be and help her fulfill her wish.

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Here is my list:



1. The guy could cook and loved to do it for me without me asking.

2. He loves his family.

3. He remembers the names of all my family members and my birthday.

4. He likes my friends and plans things to include the group at sometimes.

5. He enjoys conversations about current events, history, religion, or whatever.



These things would amaze me and I have had guys do many of these things in the past.

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These are all very good, thanks for the replies, now, Is there a specific action I could do? eg: by her a rose? I always am as nice as I can be in public, (but the first or second time I held a door open for her, she gave me a weird look, like what the heck are you doing?, after that I think she got used to it, (that was before we were going out))

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yea, i just bought my gf a nice single rose because it was the day that i asked her out 2 months ago. She loved it! Its all the little things that girls really like. Tell her how beautiful she is if she does her hair different, or buys new clothes, and let her use your jacket if shes cold, even if you will freeze. Before one of us go to sleep, we always text eachother saying goodnight, and i know she likes that because i forgot to say it back one night and she got mad. Do stuff like that you would not normally do for just a friend, and she will love you for sure.

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These are little things that I really watch for when I am first dating a guy. It is important that he's good to me, but if he's not good to others too, then it doesn't matter; a person who is nice to you but an ignorant jerk to other people is still an ignorant jerk (as you usually learn later on):


1. Giving spare change occasionally to homeless people, instead of just writing them off as "boozehounds", "drug-addicts", or saying something equally stereotypical and uneducated like, "homeless people must have done something to be on the street". This is especially important if you are dating a woman who is intelligent and involved with charities/ volunteer work and social/ cultural/ environmental issues. Making off-handed comments about "urban decay" will make you look stupid to women like this.


2. Be friendly and courteous with waiters/ waitresses, bartenders, cashiers, or anyone working in a service industry - EVEN if they give you a hard time - never lose your cool or be rude.


3. Pay more attention to 'the little things', and always try to remember stories that she tells you. Little things = giving your full attention when she talks to you (which means putting down whatever you're doing at the moment). Never, ever interrupt. This builds trust and respect.


4. Pay more attention to her than to other people in public; hold her hand without letting it go limp.


5. This is probably one of the biggest: Always take her side if she is in an argument with someone else. I can't tell you how great it feels when I know that my boyfriend supports me 100%.

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