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This past weekend I went back to my hometown for thanksgiving break. Naturaly i wanted to have a good time. I saw a old friendand decided to go and talk to her, we had a good time. She talked about how she liked me in high school (she is still in highschool and i am a freashman in college). At the end of the night she gave me her number and i gave her mine. We were both drinking but i can still remember the night. She said that she would call me the next day, which is today. Since she didn't call should I call her? Or should I come to the conclusion that this is just another one night stand? O yea, she also has a boyfriend but has been very unhappy with him over the past few weeks. I need some help on what i should do.

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By "got to know", I am guessing that you mean sex?


It doesn't have to be a one-nighter if you don't want it to be, but in this case, the girl is already taken (whether happily or not). You may be asking for trouble in this case.


Also, if this is the type of girl who picks guys up at the bar and has sex with them while she has a boyfriend ... well ... you really have to wonder, don't ya?

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Ah, lol, then it's not typically a "one-night-stand". A one-night-stand usually involves an evening of no-strings-attached sex.


Since she has a boyfriend, I would probably just wait and see if she calls you. Also, I've been known to say, "I'll call you" on those drunk nights, but either forget the next day or simply don't feel as confident, lol.

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I'm with hyolee, it's never a good idea to get too close to a girl with a boyfriend when the attraction between the two of you is so very obvious. Wait for her to call you, and if she hasn't called in a week or so, I guess you could give her a ring, but make sure to be very casual about it. You know, an old friend just calling to see what's new sorta thing.

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