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First time I fooled around it was a few months into the relationship.


However, the last time I was in a relationship, we moved too fast and it became uncomfortable and akward because I didn't know him well.


You are probably moving to fast for the begging


Good luck trying to slow down, but once you start it becomes harder and harder.



I think that if you have been seeing eachother for a while (months) then it's okay to fool around regularly if you really like eachother.

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As long as you are comfortable about it and its not suddenly what your relationship is based on, then its fine. Do you still go out and have fun occasionally instead of just sitting in the house fooling around every second you are together?


When me and my boyfriend started having sex (after a year and half of being together), I talked to my parents about it. The best advice they gave me was not to let it be the most important thing. Of course sex is important, but its not all a relationship is based on and if we stopped doing other things all together because we just wanted to have sex all the time, then that would not be good.


As long as its not the only thing you do, and as long as you can have fun doing other things, and your relationship just doesn't seem complete without it, then its fine. If you feel like thats all your relationship seems to be about anymore, then I think that might be a problem.

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I think my bf & I fooled around too much as well..there's no standard amount that's right for everyone, but if you think it's too much it is. Every time I saw him (almost everyday) he wanted to do something sexual..and I wasn't completely cool with it. Now that I'm more experienced I know I'm going to wait before I rush into things. Luckily I'm still a virgin so at least I didn't give away my virginity to him just for his immediate satisfaction. That is important to me.

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