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will she come back???(cont.)3 week update

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its beem 3 f*ckin weeks and i have almost fully recovered from my breakup but then on saturday the 17th the phone rings and guess who it is its my ex Tina and the first words outta her mouth are "hey" "cant call me anymore?" and im thinkin (what the hell?? she ignores me in school and im supposed to call her??) but besides that she tells me that things haven't gone the way she has planned between us and she asked me if i was moving on to another girl i said "no" not at the moment and i asked hert are you trying to meet someone else? she said "i dont know" now im all confused when she says she doesnt know but she said i am still the only guy she "talks" to and she still has "alot of feelings for me" i still have feelings for her but that addiction for her is gone. so people please help me (preferably girls) what is going to happen with us cuz i dont know wether to MOVE ON OR HOLD ON so please give me some tips/advice on how to make her understand/love me again.

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Oh hun - I feel for you! . I know how hard this can be.


Don't you hate it when there has been so much emotional difficulty and sadness and they act all cool and casual and say stuff like "hey" - and you just feel like screaming - F U!


Anyway - I would stay the course. Don't call her and I would avoid calls with her. It is apparent that she is unsure about what she wants and wants to keep the door open with you "in case things don't work out" or if she gets bored. Guys do it and girls do it. I have a post on "why they want to be friends after they break up with you".


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It sounds like she wants to keep you in her back pocket without committing to you entirely, but not letting you go.


I would continue what your doing and keep moving forward - in a new direction away from her. If things change in the future and you 2 get together it will be bacause you've both come to a new place. Not because she's been dangling you around and you've been taking the bait.


Oh and the "I don't know" comments. If I had a nickle for every "I don't know" from my ex, I'd be rich!! You dont' need someone in your life that can only give you "I don't knows". It may not be a "no" but it is certianly not a "yes". Have you noticed people who are really attractive and exciting tend to know what they want out of life and go for it?


Go out, have fun with friends, don't sit home waiting for the call. Oh, and get caller ID - it can be a tool and your friend.

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