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Catch 22 of bullying

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I am fed up with the way that if you fight back then bullies beat you up more, then if you don’t fight back, they decide you are emotionless and that you don’t mind being bullied and they treat you even worse as they dehumanise you, or they decide that as you are a wimp that in their psycho mindset you deserve to be bullied,. I am fed up with bullies why don’t they just see they are evil and there is no excuse.

What am i supposed to do.

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I deal with hick-bullies every once and a while. Well, i used to until i caught one of their fists and told them the next time they try to hit me i'll break their nose.


No more problems.


Bullies are only weak people trying to find someone weaker than they are to pick on. Show that you are stronger and they'll go away. But if you absolutely have to, break their damn nose.

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