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women: should married men talk to old girlfriends?

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I'm looking for opinions from women. If an old girlfriend contacted me and wanted to stay in touch with me, a girlfriend who was first a friend and then "with benefits" a LONG time ago, would it offend you if I considered staying in touch with this person if there were NO chance of ever being more than just friends? Even if I was open, up front and honest about it?


Should married men talk to ANY ex-girlriends, even though there's NO chance of anything happening, all they want to do is talk to a friend from the past (nothing sexual)?

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You're probably going to get a lot of different opinions on this one.


I, for one, think that keeping in touch with an ex is okay. Provided - that there is a healthy level of trust and respect. If your wife doesn't trust you completely, then I can see there being problems.


If my man was to say to me tomorrow, "my ex from 5 years ago wants to get together for coffee", I would probably ask a couple of questions, but would ultimately be "ok" with it. I trust him, and I doubt highly that anything other than some general chit-chat would take place.


I don't feel anything sexual/ physical for my ex-boyfriends, but then again, I've ended both relationships. Seeing them again wouldn't be anything but "catching up".

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Ex's are in a category all to themselves. They need to stay in the past. Here is a person who hurt you or you hurt, and then they must have betrayed you or you them. They come with a certain amount of baggage that should remain in the past.


Any relationship where you need to have permission or you may feel awkward or silly rekindling should tell you to beware of that encounter.

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I'd be okay with it if I know ALL of the details including her phone number, where she lives, what happened in the past, what's going to happen in their meeting, where they're going to meet, what they talked about, etc, etc, etc. I also reserve the right to randomly show up during the meeting and budge in to pick up my "darling" husband.

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No no no no and NO! I would never let him go out for coffee with his ex, even though i trust him 100%!! For me that is disrespect... if he wants to go out for coffee he can do that with me!


if that 'girl' was not an ex, but a friend from the past, i wouldnt mind as long she brought her 'man' with her, and my 'man' took me...


if she was a friend from the past without a man, definetely NO!!!


but hey that's just me, there is alot of girls out there with different views about this topic...

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