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well, I'm just not sure why I'm writing but well, ok. Lately i've been cutting my arms with razors and after writing this email i'll go to buy a lighter to see if I can cope with that pain.


I don't think i'm a self injurer you know? because I know what i'm doing and i'm very coward and i cant really stand a lot of pain, my cuts in fact are very superfecial, just to draw a lil bit of blood and leave some scars, and well i want someone to notice and at the same time i dont want anyone to notice and i want to tell it to someone but i feel so stupid because is nothing and I think i'm actually very stupid, and I just want someone to tell me something please cause i dont know what i'm doing


Just whatever, even if you wanna call me idiot.



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I know that life is hard. I've been through lots of crap in my life as well, but you know what, in the end, we can't escape from our pain. We can't. Cutting won't solve anything either. It will only leave scars that will remind you of your past. Those scars are not worth it.


And, don't be so hard on yourself. Don't call yourself stupid. You have every right to be sad. Anyone who's going to bash you, ignore them. They just don't understand your pain. Whatever happened to you in your past, I truly hope that you can find ways to resolve those feelings. No matter what: life is a struggle. Some people just had it made, while others didn't. So, don't blame yourself, k?


In the end, you are still alive and breathing, right? Life goes on. We can't put our lives on pause, and hope that our pain will go away. Because it won't. Not unless if we contructively confront it. I sincerily hope that you will find a way to talk it out to someone, at least a counselor, a professional, who can assist you in leading you to the first steps in the right direction. Afterwards, if you don't feel comfortable with talking to one, then perhaps you can stop by at the bookstore and find a self-help book, that relates to whatever happened to you int he past. Not everyyone is comfortable with counseling.


Take time for yourself, and heal one step at a time. Last but not least, call your family and friends. Don't isolate yourself. Easier said than done, but that's just what has to be done. Otherwise, things will just feel endless. Hang in there.

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