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Im kinda goin through a break up of a friendship/relationship...He is still kind of in the picture...


I hadnt dreamed of him in ages but then the other nite i dreamed he died i woke up sooooo upset with the urgency to call make sure he was ok...(i didnt tho)


Does anyone have any insight on what this kind of dream could mean...


Thannk you!

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death in dreams dont mean death in real life, some people think they signify death in something thats occurring, such as death of a part of your relationship, have you argued and promised each other never to do something again?


another thing that dreams do, is they are made by the thoughts you subconsciously think that are put to the back of your mind, and dreaming is a way of getting them out if you like, thats one way people look at it anyway, so youve probably thought it sub consciously and it came to you in a dream, so dont worry!

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