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feeling down

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Im just getting a few things out that are bothering me ...im feeling mad lonely as of late for one...my mother is a complete mess..tried to commit suicide ...and now my cousin almost killed himself by running his car into a tree without a seatbelt...all because of jerks that they think they are in love with basically. So why am i lonely ...seems ironic , i unlike them am trying to find a good true person to love me as much as i love them...I learned from my mistakes and my mothers, but why do other peoples actions still make me feel so horrible...and also i at age 12 was diagnosed with leukemia ..im fine now ..busy helping other get thru similar situations by throwing benifit concerts to make money for research n such...but tonight i watched a walk to remember with mandy moore ..that was kinda my breaking point cuz i started to cry...such a touching movie...but yea ...any sugestions on how to deal with such bad things (almost loss) ....

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first of all, if you ever need to talk, we are all here to listen. we all feel alone at times, its only natural. i am sorry to hear about the things you are going through. it must be hard and i cant imagine what that must be like. i think its wonderful that you are using your experience with leukemia in a positive way to help others. knowing that you are a source of inspiration and positivity in other peoples lives should make you feel really good about yourself. its people like you that give others hope. and shouldnt knowing that all of these people look up to you help to ease some of the loneliness? be proud of yourself and your accomplishments!

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wow thanks soooooo much ctgirl82..that made me feel better ... ..things like that make my days ..bc its a dream of mine to actually obtain a career somehow in helping others through the things like i went through and having a place of my own to do so ...thanks again you have a awesome thanks giving ..i know im looking forward to eating all the yummy food with my family

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i know how you feel! my mum comitted suicide, about three years ago. my parents divoreced coz my dad went off wit sum oder woman n had children. i hated him so much and my mum for leaving me and my little bro! i even tried it last year. it got me nowhere, love is an evil thing some people think its the happiest feeling in the world but it can turn out to be your biggest nightmare. just keep ur head high and let nothing get you down! x

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