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hi you have all probably heard this before but im really confused so just bare with me!!

Theres this boy i know at college and we play badminton together and i felt that he liked me and so did my friends as i catch him staring and he wanted to know how old i was after one badminton session. My friends went behind my back and were forever asking him questions about me so he twigged that i liked him.

I had the courage to tell him i liked him but he never said anything afterwards. Then a couple days later he came up to me and said 'i dont want you to think that i don't like you' and after he finished talking to me he put his hand on my back, as if to pat it. But he hasnt said anything about that conversation since. He will still stare at me and my friends still catch him lookin at me and when he talks to my friends and im not there they say that he'll be looking around for me!

Also this may not be of importance but he is forever calling out my name. I know he knows my name but he kinda says my name too frequently. That will probably sound stupid but my intuition is telling me that he does but im still not sure. If anyone can help that would be kl x

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