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Some kind words of love

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Iori_Yagami, we all feel that way at times. Please know that there are good people in this world. Heck, even complete strangers will listen and offer understanding and help which I have found to be comforting, especially being somewhat of a loner, private person myself. Is there anything in particular on your mind that you need to vent maybe? Feel free to msg. me if you want to talk. -Bree

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I feel like nobody loves me at times as well. We all have periods where we feel like that. But there are good people in this world, people who care about you and appreciate you. I'm sure your a good person and lots of people like you. If you want to talk I'm here, just send me a PM. Don't worry, things will look better eventually.

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Just want to add:

it doesn't really matter about being a total stranger or not - most likely you'll face me (or someone like me) in your country or hometown.

We all are very much alike, and usually the way you behave with a totally random person without any known features really shows the attitude to the ones you are surrounded with.

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