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i need help here...please reply to this.

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hello imm dish here...and i need like loads of help here...imm going through depression or whatever it is.i lost my sense of humor because of that and all my friends which used to like me before aare just running away and thats due to ive put an attitude...what should i do to overcome this ...i need my sense of humor back

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Humm lost your sense of humor. That is hard to get back, what made you luse it? If you dont mind me asking. If you want to PM me so other people know I will try to help. I have gone through a bad depression my self and even try to kill my self. I know now that was not the way out but if you need someone to talk to I am here.

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Hello there Dish,

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for many years.....not constantly but frequently.

Has anything happened to you recently that could have made you change the way you feel about things? People react to situations differently, are you worried about anything?

The people you call your friends, should understand you and accept that we all have phases in our lives that are difficult. I have a friend that I have known since I was 4...... and thats a long time now.......and she just used to be able to get a smile out of me when no one else could. I only see her once a year now, we've got our own lives ....but I know that should I need her , she'll be there....and it works both ways. You only need one person to really understand you, many friends are great but not essential.

If I can help in any way, call on me........ I have broad shoulders and am always willing to listen, sometimes you just need to get stuff off your chest.

Take care sweetie

Buffy xx

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Not sure if this would work or not but have you ever tried watching a mindless comedy like Monty Python? If you watch something silly like that you might find it amusing and start laughing. It's a short term thing but it might help, the albatros sketch gets me laughing no matter what mood I'm in.

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haha..hate to laught but all i could think of is Austin Powers saying he lost his MOJO. sounds like you did too. Maybe watch that movie?


You probably need to relax more. For whatever reason, you are feeling down. When i was seriously depressed about my break up with the ex for a while i just let it eat away at me..it was killing me.


Then one day..when i was still miserable i just told myself i was going to put a smile on my face all day. I did. It took a lil time..but eventually it was contagious, people had fun around me and in turn i began to have more fun.


im sure for some time i was not funny either but now i like to think ive got at least some sense of humor to compliment everything else.

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