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Ideas of a casual date


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Just wanna know if you have any good ideas of casual dates? I am thinking of someone out, but don't want to sound too serious, so maybe going out for a cup of coffee? Does most people just go to the Starbucks in bookstore, or what else is better than this?


Or is there no such thing as a casual date vs. hang out? Thanks.

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don't try to make it so casual that there could be misunderstanding as to whether or not its a date. You don't want to be on a non-date with someone who wouldn't agree to have a date-date with you.


Casual Ideas... Coffee, light dinner, lunch, mini golf, bowling. Keeping it not too short, not too long (lean on the short side).



Unless if you've known the girl for quite some time and have talked alot you probably want to avoid movies/shows/dinner since you don't get to talk during those dates.

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I think it's fine to take a girl somewhere casual on a first date. Coffee or lunch is a good idea. That allows you the chance to get to know each other.


Some people think that hanging out and dating are the same things and some don't. It's really up for interpretation, but you can use that to your advantage. For example, if there's a girl that you've been talking to and you want to get to know her and date her you can say, "Hey, we should get together some time," or ""We should hang out some time." Most girls will think that you are interested because women have a tendency to analyze and over-analyze everything.

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