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i put a post up not so long ago about my friend kirsty. well its gone from bad to worse. . she moved this boy next to her and me then talked to him all the time when she knew i hated him. then she moved and left me on my own with him. and she is ment to be my best friend. i dont think she is anymore though because she hardly talks t me because she is always with her other friends. she has no time for me anymore. i mean she just left me to sit with other people. no best friend would do that.

i dont no whether to shout at her or just break away from her. or just to forget it ever happened. i just dont no anymore. and i hav tis feeling in the pit of my stomach just tellin me that i should just move on.


as usual i hav absolutly no idea wot to do

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As you get older, you'll find that friendships you have to put a lot of time and thought into aren't friendships at all. Do you have a lot of friends otherwise, or is she one of the only ones you got?


Just this guy's opinion, but it seems like you feel like you're putting way more work into the friendship than she is. You have to ask yourself why you're bothering. Is there an reason?

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there is a reason for me and her to be mates. she has been through a lot latley because she finnally told her parents about her being raped at 7 and the police are looking into it so at the moment she needs all the mates she can get so i dont wanna make her life worse.

and ye i have other friends i am one of those people that have loads of friends and few close friends and kirsty was 1 of them. but i dont think she is anymore.

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A few years ago, i had a pretty big problem with a friend. It was bad, then it got better, then before i knew it, we were not even friends anymore. And i used to think "wow, this guy has turned into a major jerk" but i know now HE probably thought the same way. People change and see diferent sides of peolpe around 13. They all have different ways of showing they dont' want to be friends anymore. Sounds like your friend is really mean about it.


So when i was about your age, maybe a bit younger, my best friend was no longer my best friend. It hurt, but being a guy, i got over it fast. After a while, my friends all shifted, more girls, friends from different school, hockey, ect. But after a few years, we realized, we didnt mind each other again. Today, we are not best of friends, but we talk on MSN and at school. When it comes time to possibly recindle your friendship, just don't hold grudges(girls hold worse grudges than guys, i hafta say it)


Good luck,

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ye i guess we do hold grudges. i have been talking to lots of my friends about it and they just say it isnt worth it anymore. and i agree wit them now. i now i will be jealous when she gets a new best mate but in the end it wa my choice to end our friendship and like you say mabe in the future we will be friends. but i doubt it.

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