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My boyfriend keeps asking me to give him a bj, I dont mind doing it with a condom on but im not comfortable about doing it without one. Maybe im strange because lots of my friends do it and they find it great, but i really dont like the thought of his sperm in my mouth. How can i make him understand and am i strange. wb

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no your not strange plenty of people find it haorrible to have sperm in their mouths. some just dont like the taste but i wont go into that.

anyway with regards to your boyfriend you need to tell him outright. just sit down with him and tell him that you dont want to for whatever reason you dont want to.

if he doesnt understand then you will have to cut off all bj's and not give any at all until he understands.

my opinion. hope it helps

Catie xxx

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Hi there,

I don't think you are strange. That's just not your thing, nothing wrong with that. Just let him know that you are not comfortable.


If he insists or tries to force you then maybe he doesn't care about you the way you care about him so watch out for that. A guy who cares about you won't mind the condom... the most important thing to him is that you are happy.

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if you really dont like it that much then yes sit down with him and tell him and if he is a good man he will respect and love you the same as always.


if its only the thought of cum in your mouth that scares you, ask him to let you know when he's about to cum and then you can back away. I dont like the taste of it much anyways, so my boyfriend always warns me right when he's about to. But if its just the whole ordeal that bothers you then you really need to let him know.


If he truly loves you and respects you he will accept it without any problem

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sweetheart, while you shouldn't let anyone force you into doing anything (the advice in these posts are good of course) don't knock it until you try it! If you hate it just tell yur boyfriend that and he'll have to rspect that knowing you tried it. if not you deserve a better man.


i'll tell you this much, a condom tastes more disgusting than any guy's penis ever would. even those flavored ones are disgusting.


it's unlikley he will cum if it's your first time doing it anyway, and you'll probably gag,


however ifyou want tokeep trying it just make adament you want hi t warn you before he goes andhecan finish off otherwise.most wmen i've known don't ever let guys go in their mouths, it's not uncommen.


It's honestly not a bad or wrong thing that he's asking you to do, these ladies are right you shouldn't be pressured but your bf dosn't need tobe portrayed as a jerk unless he does, otherwise it's perfectly normal and hey you might even like it!

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Thanks so much for your replys. I think that maybe it would be a good idea to talk him about it a bit more. I think im letting him down if i dont give him a BJ and also im worried that he will finish with me, i no that is stupid because he really isn't that kinda bloke and we have been through a lot.

Also i dunno if i have given BJs a fare go, well i have only done it once witout a condom, maybe i mite get used to it.

Thanks wb angain if you have any more advice

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best thing to do is talk to him. its totally usual for girls not to like the feeling having sperm in their mouth, some like it, some dont. a condom would be good, but maybe you could explain to him that your not quite ready for it wothout one and that you need a bit of time and stuff. once your comfortable with giving him oral, you could try doing it without a condom but like tell him you dont wnat him to cum in your mouth and ask him to tell you when hes about and then you could talk about him coming over your chest, im sure he would like that-most guys do.

its just advice, but just talk to your guy


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Hey there, my bf used to want me to give him head and one day i finally gave in...it wasnt that bad but it was kinda boering for me cause im adhd lol. But i still did it. Only once he kept my mouth on it till he blew...that was sick...i like gaged and ran to the bathroom, but all the other times he would like tell me right when he was about to cum and we would like finish it up with a hj. You could try that if you wanted.

Good luck

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my boyfriend always warns me. i dont hate the taste of it, but its not my cup of tea either so we compromise. I really enjoy doing it and actually turns me on, and both of us are very happy. just reach an agreement, trust me he doesnt care wether you swallow or not, its just the ride he wants hehe

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