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My dad is old and im emberassed...

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Hey guys, this is my first post.

I am 15 and my dad is 72 years of age, he is the age of some of my friends grand parents and i am very emberassed to have my girlfriend and other friends over because of his age and the way he looks. THis is shallow i know but it is how i feel, can anyone help me, give me advice, i feel like i am alone in this situation and i need someone to talk to about it.


thankyou, justin

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Don't be embarrassed about the age of your dad. There's nothing you can do about it. People have kids at different ages and your dad was a little older when you were born. That's all there is to it and I'm sure others will see it that way.


We all age and that's just part of life...a very natural part of life. Most of us would like to do something about our biological age and also our physical age, but we can't.


I think as you get older and more comfortable with yourself you won't be quite so embarrassed. Just enjoy your dad and be proud of who he is. Try to think that he has just had the opportunity to have more experiences in life than most of your friends' dads because he is older.

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Do your friends say anything about your father's age or tease you in any way?

Chances are they probably don't really care.


My exboyfriends dad was older than my grandfather as well, but it did not bother me one bit, and he was lucky to have his father.


Initially, your friends might be surprised by the age but it is not going to change there opinion of who YOU are. Honestly, are they really going to stop being friends with you because you have an older dad? No probably not. You know the funny thing is I bet every kid is embarrased by their parents in some way or another - ya i used to be embarrased cuz my dad walked around in his briefs all the time even when my friends were over, Ya I know, it sucked, but my friends still came over they just made me check to make sure my dads pants were on before they went in the house. Didn't stop us being friends, and it didn't change their opinion of my family either.


Just be grateful you have a dad. Let him meet your friends, don't hide him in the closet or anything. Your friends will be accepting - and if they aren't then they are not real friends. Remember sesame street - families come in all shapes and sizes

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Before you bring kids over, make sure that they understand what the situation going into it is....Make them be on their best behavior -- tell them before hand if he is ill or anything that may shock them or make them uncomfortable.


Girls may be better at first, then boys only if they are very quiet and polite.


If they are a hassle at school, then make them meet you other places first.


I hope that works out for you. Tell them that they may feel like they are in church or at their grandparents house. They should understand.

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