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Need Help Quick!!!!

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Tomorrow is the last day of school and i really want to ask this girl out... i dont think i can do it and i need as much advice as possible quick... i am not good at going up to a girl and asking... we are pretty good friends, not great but pretty good... i really need to do this quick... the actual last day is on tuesday but i dont know if i will see her then... i didnt get the courage to ask her to prom but i was very close... i think she knows i like her now and we have been talking a lot more lately... one day when i was thinking of calling her to ask her to study... all of a sudden she called me and i didnt give her my number for math help... even though she has a lot of friends that are good at math... i dont know about this.. should i ask her before school ends or should i just call her up during the summer and say hey wanna go to a movie or something... help me quick please

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Hmm a toughy!


I have found from past experience that you have to pluck up the courage to ask someone out then you will then have experience and then you will have no problems doing it again,


I think you should go for it, if you like her alot and have for a long time, then prolonging the situation will not help you, try and get her when she is alone and ask her the question, just say something like "I have liked you for a long time now, and i was wondeing if you would like to go out sometime?", but be prepared for any answer, it could be yes, and i hope it is, but be prepared for rejection aswell, because this somtimes happens, but if she does say no then dont show that you are upset by it, just say "Ok, then, i will see you around or something, maybe we can call each other sometime during the summer".


But remember ask her when she is alone, because you will get a honest answer from her, if you ask her when her friends are there she will more than likely, look at her friends and see what they say and she will more than likely go with what they are saying, which could be no, even though she may want to say yes, alot of people go by what there friends think and not themselves!


I hope this helps and good luck, i wish you all the best!, if you ask her report back to us what her answer was ok!

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see you don't want to get rejected.......


so say something like.........hey I was thinking of going to (some food place) for a drink......would you like to come along?


that way if she says no it is just a time thing.........if she says yes then you will know that she has some interest............if she says no you could always do something like.........over the summer call her and ask her about math... tell her you are practicing math over the summer.........she might respect that...............respect is very important............

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well me and her are ok friends so if i say hey wanna do something over the summer she may just think that im asking her as a friend... ive only asked 1 person out before and that turned out to be a disaster... i think that is why i have such a big fear... i am gonna try and do it... its just extremely hard to get her alone

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I think the only way to get a true answer from her is to get her alone as i said and ask her out on a date, because as you said, if you tell her your going somehwere to eat, would you like to come along, she may think its a friend thing, but if you ask her to say the movies or something, she will know its for real and not a friend thing, but remember, if she is already a pretty good friend, you may risk her friendship by asking her out, it could make things awkward, but just think positive, and dont get yourself down if she says no ok mate!


And as for getting her alone, just ask her as a friend if she would like to come over your house to study, and then you will both be alone, and what bette rplace to ask someone out, than in your own house, because if you are in your own house, it will boost your confidence alot, because you are in your own teritory.


Be strong and good luck!

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Ask her out. Don't turn into a guy like me. I never had courage to ask girls out in school. Now everyday I regret it.


The way I see it now is if you ask her out then at least you know if you have a shot. Its up to her she makes the yes or the no asnwer. If she rejects you don't worry about it because it is the beggining of the summer and you won't have to see her for the entire summer.


If she says yes. You get to have a great summer finding out who each other is. and you get the best part of the relationship "puppy love"


Yeah its sappy but we all know its true... we all get stricken by that googly eyed puppy in the beggining.


My Advice..... ASK HER OUT... you might be surprised by the answer

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