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To anyone who lives with their significant other

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This is something that will certainly differ from person to person. A girlfriend of mine and her fiancee do it this way: he pays the mortgage, she pays the bills. Another girlfriend of mine just throws in cash wherever it's needed, but her fiancee pays for most of the utilities and the mortgage (he makes quite a bit more money).


In my relationship, everything is split pretty much 50/50. There are months that he ends up paying more when I can't afford it (again, he makes more money than I do), but most of the time the rent and bills are shared.


I don't understand why this discussion turned into an argument. There must be open discussions about money handling within a cohabitational relationship; especially if money is tight. Both people have to know what their share is and what their responsibilities are.


If you make a lot less money than he does though and you can't afford to pay what he thinks you should, then you're going to have problems.

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