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A Sex Question


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Hello i just have a boyfriend and he is uncut also known as not circumcised guy and i dont know what the difference in sex between cut and uncut can someone explain it to make. And how should it place his penis in me? Is their that big of a difference? And what better? Thanks if anyone could answer my question.

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Bacteria can collect between his foreskin and the head of his penis. This can lead to major problems so guys that are uncut need to be more careful and clean the area often so the bacteria doesnt collect and cause future problems. Whatever your bf uses in the shower should be fine as long as it works effectively.

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I dont honestly know if you need to pull the foreskin back when he puts the condom on. I would think that u wouldnt have to pull the foreskin back but i would consult other resources before you try anything. The area just needs to be cleaned daily when he takes a shower and after intercourse. Im not sure u can really tell if its clean unless u actually see some residue between the foreskin and the penis.

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well the bacteria that grows in the foreskin is called schmagma spelling is wrong, if its not cleaned it will smell and possibly become infected. As for the condom he should be erect when he puts it on, just to be safe.
what doea that mean erect? pulled back? pulled forward
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ur asking what "erect" means?! are u sure ur old enough to be having sex?! anyways, if ur guy is uncircumcised, he needs to wash his penis thoroughly by pulling the skin back first. afterwards, when hes getting ready to put the condom on, he needs to pull the skin back once more before rolling it on.

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