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I need help. I am a guy who loves his friends and has strong emotions and feelings for a few. One asked me of advice on how to attract the attention of another guy, this made me jelouse but I managed to get over it. Just a short time ago I heard he also likes her, which has made me jelouse again.


I dont think I want a relationship with this friend but I cant help but feel jelouse about it, I love her as a friend. Everytime I get jelousey and it involves her, ro someone else who is important to me I also have panic attacks.


Does anyone know how to stop feeling jelouse and maybe stopping the panic attacks?

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i've been in your shoes. I had a best friend and she and me always did

stuff together. We told each other about who we admired; and basically

we were both single and hadtime to spend with each other; but now she has a boyfriend and she don't have time to spend with me anymore. I don't

think what you're feeling can be called jealousy, but more like u feel

like ur losing a friend each time you see that your friends are about to

have a boyfriend.


My advice is to go out and make some more friends; and upgrade

your social life. It doesn't mean to throw away all of your old friendships

but maybe this will help you not to get uptight when you feel like

your losing ur friends. Go out clubbing, to a museum, or shopping.

Shoppin is not just for girls, guys do that too; well maybe they do so

to pick up girls. Hey that's right, maybe all you need is a girlfriend.

She'll take up ur time. And you and the friends in ur circle will live happily ever after. ;0)

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