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Have YOU ever been stalked?

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Hey I was just wondering...has anyone here ever been seriously stalked by someone? I don't mean being followed around for day or to by someone who had a crush on you...i mean being seriously followed by someone who may have some emotional or mental deficiencies. If so, how did you know you were being stalked? What did you do about it?

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i was stalked multiple times in the first 3 years of my college.


The first one probably scared me the most. It was this one girl who kept following me everywhere. she went as far as finding out where i live or what my phone number is... then she called daily to harass me and followed me when i walk to class + when I go eat. She did this for a year, then I moved out of the dorms so she lost contact with me. She called pretending she's my classmate, called asking me out for a date, called pretending she's a police and needs my information, called telling me she's waiting for me by the mailboxes so we can go to the gym together. I was shocked and really scared too. I never did anything to her other than glare at her if i see her or abuse her ears when she calls.


Once when she called I told my roommate to leave the room or cover her ears, then I kept the girl on the phone pretending I'm very interested in the convo, found my most violent orchestral music, tuned it up, and put the receiver right next to the speakers. That actually got her to stop calling for 2 days. She called back saying "That's really mean!" ... like I care.


I never called the police on her though. I didn't think she was that threatening and I had no evidence.


Other people who stalked me were more.. random ugly guy or... oh.. this guy comes find me every single year and talks to me. He has bad breath and I think his name is Jerry or Jersey! That's right! For all you girls who live in OC, watch out for him! Jersey! He finds me every year, gives me his phone number and tries to get mine, and he kept insisting that the two of us should go out and eat because we're "friends." He claims he's an entrepreneur who has his own company, but he's 40 and still doesn't have a house. I wonder if that's the same guy who insisted that I should get together with him and he got a discount from the evil i***** company because he signed a 7 year contract with Park West. This Jersey guy will walk you to class, follow you home, go with you to In n Out, sit down with you, wait with you in lines... it out right freaks me out. I always smile and smile and tell him, "Sorry, but I really don't use the phone that much so I don't have a number." Then, I try getting away asap, usually in about an hour.

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My brother beat this weirdo from my school up in tx, he was like 3 or 4 years older than me...Bi polar..Depressed..just flipped out all out of the blue..It started out that he just got mad because i didn't call him back as soon as i got home or...He woul dget a crazy jelous rage...when i use to live there! Omg it was scary i was only in 9th grade at the time...so it wasnt to long ago..I use to be scared to go outside at night because his car would be parked right outside and sometimes...i would catch him in my back yard omg...My God ...Scary nightmares over this crap before!

i moved and ever since him getting his butt kicked by my bro and like 2 other friends he didn't come around..So i moved too so ide totally FrEAK

if he were to be outside my house these days,,,

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lol, actually 2 years ago this old guy would always come to the store I worked at and would come through my line... I would be polite to him and he would say stuff like "you have a really nice smile" and the first couple of times I would say "thanks". Well he started coming more and more and it freaked me out a little... then one day he brought me a rose! The man was like 50ish and I was 17... anyways I told him thank you but I didnt think I should take it... he persisted but then my manager told him he needed to leave and shouldn't come back. Well I went to my car after work and the rose was on my windshield!!! So obviously he knew what I drove and stuff... The next time he came back like 2 days later my manager called the police and they told him not to ever come back.. it was rather strange!

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I was stalked by some psycho chick that I dated for like 2 weeks. It was friend of mines cousin...and I eventually just told them about what was going on and they took care of it for me. Other then that I have had several incident with girlfriends x boyfriends.


I was stalked by some corn.



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I had a sort of stalker a couple of years ago. He was a friend of my families for years.


He would spot my car in town, like when I was shopping, and he would come look for me in the store. He did this several times. Another time he showed up where I was shopping and I told him it was my bday so he went and got me a flower. I just thought he was obsessed with me.


At one point I got really scared because I was out with my kids at a park in the evening and he just showed up! it was getting dark.. I left like 10 minutes later. I think the only time I was really scared was at the park because it was kind of out of the way so the only way he could have found me was if he was following me around.


I changed my vehicle a year later and the "stalking" stopped.

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I've been stalked a few times, but the scariest one that I had only lasted one night. This guy who lived in my dorm was severly drunk and/or high, to the point where we were terrified he was going to hurt himself or someone else. So, my friends and I went and got the director of the hall. After the guy was arrested, my friends and I settled down in someone's room to watch movie.


After he got released, he kept following us around and hanging out by my friend's room, still incredibly out of his mind. It was terrifying. We ended up locking ourselves in one room for the night.


Thank god the guy was kicked out of the dorm, and subsequently left the school. However, he started calling one of my friends obsessively after that. definitely scarier than the phone and internet stalkers I had...

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I have not been (I don't really count online ones) but I have a couple friends who have been - and both of them are actually guys.


One of them was stalked by an ex...would show up and follow him and one day she called him 164 times (can you believe that, how can you even manage that in one day!). Anyway, I think finally he talked to her dad as they were on good terms, and that put an end to it. My friend is a cop too, so it is even more weird.


Another friend, I don't know the details, but the girl (never really was a gf, but dating) started phoning him from all sorts of different numbers, trying to find out where he was going so she could be there, etc.

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