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Im completely lost as to what to do with this girl. We met a few months ago and became good friends, in fact, id consider her my best friend, and its the same for her. She calls me her "brother". Anyway, she has a boyfriend, and has had for about a year and a half. When we first started hangin out and talkin and stuff way back, i had zero interest in her. Zip, natta, zero. But now, for like the last two or three months, ive became extremely attracted to her. Now, im at the point where nothing seems fun unless im with her. I think about her 24/7, even though i try not too. We talk about anything and everything, and i mean ANYTHING So last week, all this started to build up really bad. We started talking and i eventually got around to the fact that I had major feelings for her. So i told her this, but also the fact that i knew it would never work because she had a bf. We have talked about it a lot, and she told me it even made her cry that night. I can kinda sense that she isnt happy with her bf. She tells me everything, and they argue all the time. Her mom even said, that she can tell who she has been talking to on the phone, because after she talks to me she is always really happy and in a good mood. She is a senior in hs, and im a jr, and the thought of her leaving for college next year just makes me absolutely sick. I get depressed just thinking about next year in school when she wont be there. Anyway, after we talked about what i told her, we said that we wouldnt let this ruin our friendship, and all that stuff. But i really feel a connection with her that i havnt had with ANY other girl, and i never felt this until after i really got to know her over the summer. Any takes on this would be good. Thanks

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You seem to really be into this girl, and from how it sounds, it sounds as if she might feel the same about you. BUT...she is in a relationship, which can cause problems in MANY directions. You two seem to have a strong friendship-which you should, and seem to, take into consideration all the way. Normally, I'd suggest keeping those thoughts inside for the sake of the friendship and in respect for their relationship. In this case...I'm not too sure, you mentioned that she is not 'happy'-but on the other hand...she does know how you feel and knows where that stands. I think that this is mainly on her, and I also think that she will think things over a lot before making a decision. You might want to mention to her that you understand the circumstances, and that you hope she understands where you are coming from..Just so you can make it clear to her. I wouldn't take anything too far though...let time settle the way things end up...there seems to be a lot at cost here... good luck

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