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What should I make of this?

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In one week, my ex and I will be split for a month. Today, my best friend IM's me telling me that Aaron asks about me a lot, just asking her if she's talked to me. She said hes been asking more the past 2 weeks. Am I supposed to make anything of this? He acts like I'm invisable, told me to stay out of his life, but yet he asks my best friend if she has talked to me?


I don't know. Why would a guy ask his ex gf's best friend that?

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hmm...well i can give you a few perspectives. first that he ofcourse and i think this is definitely there, that he still cares about you and at this point he doesnt want to make things complicated by becoming "friends" just wants some time alone, but he still cares about you. so he asks about you to see whats going on.

he may just want to know how you feel about him, see if the time might be right to start warming up to you to go back to a place where you two are on comfortable terms.

he may be regretting his decision and this is a sign that he still likes you.


my overall advice, i wouldnt analyse it too much, this is something but you need more. so for now just lay back and do what you're doing. see if any more things appear, and then start to think a little more. right now i wouldnt think too much of it. but depending on your circumstances you may have an idea of where his interests lie.

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