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what do u all think?

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Hello, I am hoping some1 can help me with this. I am 20 years and this guy I like and been talking to is 27 years old. We meet like about 2-3 months ago and I think I find the one. He just makes me feel speical. But the problem is I don't know what he feels. I know he really does like me, thats what his sister n law me and my other friend and his sister told her best friend which is my too also said he really likes me. The one night we were going out well he never be to my place so he was running late. So he called and he said he was lost i was like where are u he said at home. Well my sister told him directions this time and he came back again for me. Also his sister said he spend 20 mins on his hair that night but he really doesnt have that much hair to been working on for 20 mins lol.


I know I am falling in love with him. But I can I really tell him how i feel without scareing him anything. I don't know how he really feel about me how. But I would love to found out. Because it will break my heart if he doesn't care for me like i do for him.


My friend knew his family for about 7 years she said he doesn't like the phone so for him to talk on the phone that means something, Also, trying to found me two times means something also 20 mins on his hair. Also the second time we all went out in group. It was about 10 of us. There was more girls then guyz. But he brought my dinner plus after dinner we were suppose to go to the movies. Well Chuck N Cheese was there and I wanted to go but no1 else wanted to But he was like you want to go and i was like ya i want to go so we went and we walked it was like half mile and we had great time. Also he brought me pizza bc i said i love there pizza. and we just had dinner. \


So what do u think I should do? If you think its there for us, How should I tell him without scareing him. Because he did get hurt in the past so his sister n law said take it slow. So what should i do Thanks for listening I really care for him.



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