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She wants to start talking again.

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Ok I went out with this girl over the summer. And she was hard up on some1 still and she said she wasnt. But she still was. Well I got back off vacation and we talked on the phone when i got back. Then I left her a message on her phone and she never called me back. So come to find out from my friend that her parents took her phone away cause she was still hardup on his guy which her partents didnt like. So anyways she never calls back we work together I was pissed cause she did call me back well we worked that friday together and she still didnt say anything to me. So I took her number out of my phone. Now my friend tells me that when they both talk cause I never talk to her she is always talking about me and never shuts up. So I get a note from my friends gf and she tells me in the note that was sorry for what she did and every thing. And wishes to make it up to me and still has strong feelings for me and she never did dislike me she always did like me. Well now that I dont have much if any feelings for her right now after about 5 months of NC. Now she wants to start talking to me again every1 I have talked to about it says that I should just try it again and see if things work out. Cause you never know what could happen. So what should I do I gess ill go for it?

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5 months....almost a half year, it's going to be a lot of patch work involved here if you follow threw with getting back together.


NC for that long can create some rather hard feelings towards one another, or totally strip the feelings away, -- like you mentioned you have no feelings left for her after 5 months, so you sort of answered your own question. *right?


My advice too you is simple. follow not what your mind says, Follow what is telling you 16 inches below your mind, Where it counts.

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NC is good, but not for so long in my opinion. There is always a cool down time involved. My advice would be to go hang out with her and some friends sometime and just enjoy yourself, try not to start talking about you guys or anything. If it comes up later on, dont put too much into it, and dont give away the fact that your thinking about seeing her again. See if she really wants it. As much as this sounds screwed up, make her work for it, make her show you that she is really trying to get with you because she cares about you, not just because she misses not having anyone. Best of luck

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Thanks for all ur respones. Yeah as of right now ill just have to go with the flow im going to talk to her tonight and see whats up and every thing. She seems to get really quit around me and stuff it's really weird. But as of right now I still dont have any feelings for her. But in the note she said she did have feelings for me and that she always did. She just messed up and didnt realize what she had when she lost it.

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