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okay so i had a big crush on this one guy for quite some time now and hes very nice and we talk "sometimes" not alot because i hardly see him around skool. anyway when he obviously couldnt see that i liked him i even got a friend to hint on (she told him that she knew i thought he was hot and that she was almost positive that i liked him) all he said was kool and he acts the same way!! he told her before that he thought i was pretty and stuff but he is still the same even now that he knows that i like him! should i keep at getting him to ask me out or should i move on?? any kind of help would be greatly appreciated

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Maybe the guy is shy around girls? It can be a high possibility lol. If i was in your position, and i was really feeling that person, i would go up to the person and continue talking to that person as a friend. You should also exchange phone numbers since you don't see him around school that much. Make him feel comfortable around you. If he is shy around you, the key is to make him unshy...and that is by being his friend!


Anyways, to answer your question....If you found someone that you really like and you feel this person will treat you right, go for it!

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