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Frienship Vs Relationship

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Hello to all. Well, my story is most probably a very common one. I like my friend, as more than a friend. I've always been physically attracted to him, but for the past few months now, I've been eager to see him and always hoping he will appear at the next corner. I was confused at first, thinking I mistakened it for attraction, but now i'm certain it's more than that. I'm certainly not in love with him, altough I have never fallen in love and I'm not sure what it feels like.. Ive been told when you feel it you'll know. My dilema is, what do I do? Most people whom I've spoken to tell me to tell him. The thing is, I don't see any remote sign of interest coming from him. I don't show mine either, but that's simply because I feel he would never look at me as more than a friend. This 'crush' is slowly becoming more, and it's scaring me because I love him (as a friend) and I don't want things to be awkward between us.. he's always been there for me, and today he knew something was wrong and he said to call him and we would talk. I just can't.. I'm so scared..

Not sure what I'm asking for since It's either I tell him or I don't, but I guess I'd like some opinions.. Thanks a lot

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I had the same problem. There was this girl I liked, I knew her as a friend, but liked her as something more. It was hard though, as I knew from body langauge that she had no interest in me. I say move on. If it is going to make your friendship awkard, then it's best not to say anything. Yet if you seen any signs of feeling in him, then tell him. Good luck!

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I have had a similar conflict, my girlfriend moved to california and i met her in my incredibly shy persue of her friend. so now with her leaving her friend is very sad and I am also, so for the time before she left we became closer, and now I am in love with her again, and she tells me that Im all she has left now. so for the past week, i have been wanting to tell her what i feel, so im dropping subtle hints here and there, and now i believe she may know. this is what ive been doing and i plan on telling her as soon as the time presents itself, and it will take all my courage when i do tell her. A wise man once said "love without friendship as its base is as strong as a fortress built on sand" so I believe in friendship before the love.

I hope this helps.

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yes so if you would like my recent experience, I just told Her and it turns out that shes liked me fur 3 years she just never told me because she was afraid itd seem weird telling me who had been her friend for so long, there neednt be any signs of attraction, you should just drop subtle hints until you get some kind of go signal!


I really hope this has helped you though i imagine this is an old post cause i found it via search engine

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