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I just wanna know how should i act in this kind of situation, cause it kinda happened to me..


I have a girlfriend whom i love very much and she too loves me a lot.

One thing that bothers me in this almost perfect relationship is her outgoing attitude, I want to try to get use to it but i find it difficult. She kinda knows many people and i mean many. she constantly has unknown people calling her mobile phone or even messaging her. I think its because she knows too many people and she herself cant keep track of it. Its just that she keeps knowing more and more people and i cant control it, its becoming a headcahe for me. I told her before i do not like her messaging other guys but there are just too many and i cant possibly ask her to quit messaging all those guys.. please i need help on how to keep this under control without making her feel i'm taking away too much of her freedom or own space.. please

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Well, I think this is the way she just IS. Some people are just very outgoing and friendly, and have lots of friends. It is her character, and you cannot really ask her to change.


What you do need to have is a high level of trust. When I am in a relationship, I still talk to many guys as to be honest, I get along with men a LOT better - they are more my style - while I am very much a woman, I have a lot of more tomboyish interests and a very ungirly like attitude. But they are friends, I NEVER give them any indication otherwise and I am extremely loyal to the person I am with. Most of my friends are men, and I would have a tough time giving them up as friends! Do they flirt with me sometimes...well, yes some of them do, and my personality is sometimes flirty, but again they know I do not cross that line..I am flirtatious with everyone, it is just my character...but I am so loyal it hurts..lol.


If she is honest with you about who she talks to, than I think you need to just trust her. Being outgoing is whom she is...trying to change that will cause resentment, and the end of the relationship.



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Well, i think this attitude is not all that good. How come she loves you and then, she

has so many people to talk and not time for you?


Let me tell you. If you are too bothered by all this, then you are not for her. To match

her outgoing ways, you also have to be like that.


There is nothing wrong her may be. If she can manage to keep contact with so

many people and she still finds time for you, then great. She is very versatile.


My girl friend likes me and she has all the time for me and i like that very much.

Infact, the time we spend together is not sufficient in the day.

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being outgoing is who she is.

if you can't accept that, perhaps you are not meant to be with her.

maybe you need to find someone more like yourself. However, if you really do love her, try to be trusting, get her to tell you who she's talking to you, or if you two are out on a date, get her to focus all her attention on you.


Good luck !

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