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A smile that will not let me forget

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Two years it has been since me and my ex separated, I have not seen her since. It has been the hardest thing to go through in my life, i've grieved over this longer than when my father died. She came in my life and turned it upside down, we had a truly "perfect" relationship, we where so in love, but distance, money and college got in the way and it ended just like that. It has messed up my social life, my work and college... I just cannot seem to come to grips that something so great could end, but I guess all things must come to a end. I feel so pathetic but she truly touched a spot in my heart that no once else ever had before. I do date and socialize, but everyone I date I always compare to her, it seems now my expectations of people are set very high. I drop girls left and right now for no reason, and they are left hurt because of my past. Love amazes the hell out of me, it hit when I least expected it and left when I least expected it. I feel now that there is no possible way I could ever have the love that I had for her, I feel more like a loss cause. If anyone wants to share some wisdom with me I would be greatful.

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I don't know, but it sounds to me like you're looking for someone to take her place. No one's going to take her place.


But someone sometime might make another place that's just as good, just in a different way. I think you need to stop looking for someone to make the hurt go away and see if you can't just start enjoying other people for what they can offer that's unique to them. That's when maybe you'll be open to loving again.

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