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Silverlinings playbook (book)


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Just finished reading it & I really liked it. Cried a lot near the end simply because I related it to my own break-up. It was comforting to have a story about how things can fall apart and lead you to a childlike/neurotic state. Maybe I'll start humming when I find something difficult to hear!!


Anyone seen the film? Am reluctant to as I liked the book quite a lot.

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I don't find Bradley Cooper hot when makeup'd to look so to begin with and most definitely didn't find him hot in the movie I agree you can't really make Jennifer Lawrence look bad but I didn't think about the characters looks. I do think it was made to give Oscar nods but to me it was still a good movie, would it be a chick flick? I don't know.

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Film was typical Hollywood - formulaic, predictable, unrealistic, focused on movie stars.


My sentiments exactly.. Couldn't buy JLaw as a young screwed up widow. Kept seeing "Katniss". And I found Bradley Cooper to be cartoonish. Actually didn't see the end. Fell asleep and instead of watching the rest we returned it to netflix.


I bet the book is much better. Haven't read it though.

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