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Some ppl might remember reading some post I had before about asking a girl that I think doesnt like me like I do her. Um...I mentioned asking her to a 3 Days Grace concert too...and ya that was awesome, but I never saw her, and I don't have her number. I really just don't seem to be getting any 'openings'...like I can flirt, but for some reason I have a hard time tryin to with her. I dont know if its just b/c she is like me, like maybe we're too friendly...which isnt bad, but it isnt gonna get us anywhere beyond a good friendship. I saw her today, and almost asked her for her number, it was on the tip of my tongue, I swear, but I held back. I don't really know why I told that whole story, but....for any girls, or guys, do you see it as a sign of interest if EVERY...as in every time you talk to her, she asks you 'where are you goin' or 'what are you doin later'....is that like a subtle hint she wants me to ask her out...or go somewhere with her that day?....i have no idea...any help would be nice, thx

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