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kind of happy dream...yet guilt b/c of friends loss...

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im feeling weird because i was greiving b.c my good friend passed on , i had no energy whats so ever. I spent the day thinking of him and crying and everything , but i dreamnt last night about being with a biiiig group of friends and us all just laughing and talking and everything.


The part i remember the most is that my ex was in it along with his girlfriend and usuallyw hen i have a dream like this i would run the other way, but for some reason in this particualar dream i think i was friends with his new girlfriend or something. There was a weird part where me and my ex were makin long eye contact and just kinda flirting with his girlfriend right there.


Whats really makes me curious is the fact that i just had a great friend pass away and im here dreaming about my ex boyfriend and my friend that passed away wasn't even in the dream...Kind of hurts because i miss him dearly..What do u think triggered my dream/?

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Dreams are messages directly from your sub-conscious mind, they tell you which course to take in life and they always make the right decisions, contrary to what some may say.


Chances are, there might be something more dominant on your sub-conscious mind than the death of a friend. Could you, by any chance, be involved in any relationship issues?


There is no need to feel guilty.

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