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Will he get the message??

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Ok so I've told you about my crush..well on fri nite i saw him at the volunteer thing, and he told me he'd been out (on a bike ride) with the other older woman who volunteers with us (also likes him i think).. I was annoyed and kinda gave up hope on this whole thing.. so I was a bit stand off-ish..but not really much more than my usual shy self.. so i decided to give it one last shot, and i emailed him yesterday (sat) and this is what i said.. please gimme input (esp. the guys out there) as to how you might read this:


(this is just a summary of the email).


I said I was sorry for being unsociable on fri nite, i was tired. (eventhough i wasn;'t really that unsociable..i just wanted him to think that i'd rather be more social with him and stuff)


I asked a few questions about his volunteer work.


I told him he shouldn't feel compelled to volunteer all the time, and said that i think it's admirable that he does so much already considering there is not benefit to his career or study (unlike me, this is work experience for me)..


i said keep in touch.


Would you read that as a girl who might just be interested? or as just a normal plain acquaintance..?? keep in mind i sent this email the day after we last saw each other.


Thanks in advance for advice!!



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I'd say he has got the message that you like him.

The ball is now pretty much in his court as to wheather he likes you in the same way back or not. You've complimented him on what he loves doing....that would touch him.


I volunteer nearly 4 nights aweek and never get the recognition I'd love to get!!!! Esp from a lady!

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He might just be one of those guys who needs to be asked out, outright.

If you build up the courage to do this, you'll know the definate answer.


Don't ever give up on dating!! We all get sick of it but especially at our age we have time on our sides.


At least this guy isn't avoiding you and obviously likes you by replying. Why don't you ask him about the volunteer thing, to meet up over a coffee to talk about it etc and get to know him better? Again if you don't ask then it looks as if it aint gonna happen.


Sorry if this isn't alot of help, but I wish you luck


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Hey bobster,


Thanks for your reply.. but I don't think I'm gonna ask him out or even see him again in the near future.. to be honest I gave him enough chances..he's not THAT shy, it's really up to him, and I figure it's his loss..I'm cleansing myself of this unhelpful crush and moving on.hopefully prince charming is just around the corner, but if not I'm gonna be happy being independent and single!! I'm feeling a lot better for making this decision and moving on!!


Talk to you later and thanks for the advice, it was helpful and kind!


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Hey QM,


Wow, you're right this is a lot like my situation! I wrote my crush a similar e-mail, almost parallel in form actually, hehe. His response was also curt & professional. But perhaps he's just not really an e-mail person? How is like in person..does he give you any hints of liking you? Body language counts for more than words in this game..


but if not, then yeah I would say move on. That's what I'm trying to do, and it's quite a painful process..but you only live life once, you shouldn't get hung up on one guy..


And I agree with what Bob said on dating in general. Don't give up on dating guys in general of course, but give up on this guy..unless you get some sort of hints from him and you're still interested. But otherwise, there's plenty of fish in the sea..they might not be as amazing, but hey..eventually the right one will come along..

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