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Am i short?

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yeah, if your parents are short , you are probably gonna be short but not in all cases like my parents are tall and I am tall too I am 5,7 but my sisters are barly 5,2 and they are over 15 years old... be proud of been short.... it's a good thing... oh and if people say somethign say 'do you have a problem with short people? just becuase I am short doesn't make me any different!'

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I'm a 19 year old gal and I'm 5'1 (i know its accepted for women to be petit unllike men) btu still i'm going to put in my two cents.


I used to be sad when i was younger about being so short. I thought since I am short I wouldnt have nice legs ever. Well I finally developed around 13 for as long as I can remember if I liked a guy , i always got him. So I thought "hmm maybe my height wont affect me so bad.."And you know what people compliment me the most on when i wear a dress/skirt?? "you have nice legs!"...and "you have a nice figure"...I've dated guys as tall as 6'4 and as short as 5'5. Being short had NOTHING at all on me or anyone else!


I always thought that because I was short, I wouldnt have anything but perhaps just a rpetty face. I was very wrong.


Don't judge yourself by your height. My brother is 5'5 and he's a happy guy. My current boyfriend is 5'7.5 and when he was your age he was around your same height! It took him forever to grow. Now at 19 he is almost 5'8!! Then he got diabetes at age 15 and had to deal withthat too!


So believe me, youi still got long ways to go. Try playing sports and take vitamins, etc. My boyfriend was just as short as you, but played BBALL everyday of his life and still does and now he's almost 5'8, he's definitely not even close to being as tall as some other guys I have been with but I can tell you he is the best catch I've ever had.

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I understand your point of view and what is your point. However, you are mixing things up, I think.


What I am trying to say by that, is that heigth is not perceived the same way for men and women. I've asked this question numerous time and I've more often than not got answered:


"I prefer going out with someone taller than I am".


I think it's just a culture thing. In other words, being shorter for women doesn't make as much a difference as being shorter as I man.


Just my opinion.



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i know that. i dont know where this came about im so confused.


anyways im just letting him know, height of a man should be a minimal obstacle. i know a lot of average-short guys, and a lot of them are very sexy.


yes most of us women when asked iwll say "taller than me"/...but we're not as objective as men are and we're more likely to like a man or accept a man if he's just cute with an AMAZING personality.


But this is not the point, my point in telling him is to not worry about it. Like I said my boyfriend was like 5ft tall when he was 14! Now he's almost 5'8, it took him 5 years to get there, so just be patient, you will not stay 5ft tall! men dont stop growing til their early 20's.

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I think i'm about 5"1, is it true if your parents are short does that mean your going to be also? i hate being short, people treat you like crap.


don't worry, you got your years ahead of you two grow. guys usually do the majority of their growing by the time they're 18, and still have a little left to grow before they reach 21.


girls usually do the majoirty of their growing by the time they're 14, and pretty much don't grow at all after 18.

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