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Lyrics still lacking a title...suggestions for 1 are welcome


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Oh look

Another quiet night

Chased into a dark room

Long after burnt out the light


He screams

He's screaming at her again




Walk softly

Softly now

She wants to run

But her feet won't lift off the ground

Any minute now...

Gotta turn back around

*End Chorus*


Oh look

Another quiet night

At last he's gone to bed

She's survived another fight...


(So) he picks her up

And throws her down

He glares at her and walks away

Say she'll be okay...will she be okay?


He'll be coming back

Pick yourself up





Oh look

Another quiet night

Broken inside and out

She's such a beautiful sight...


(As) she's looking up

From on the ground

Trying so hard to still stay strong

Pretend it's alright when ev'rything's wrong


Ev'rything is wrong

Pick yourself up





Face the demon face to face

And she'll get hurt again

She'll get knocked down

But she's gotta turn back around


Walk...walk so softly now

Run...can't lift off the ground

Turn...any minute turn back around


Face to...face the demon

Can't escape...the demon

No mistake...is reason

For this


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Hey, those are really good, I actually try and write lyrics once in a while. They come to me while in a class or lecture sometimes....dont know why, but usually math hehe. Um...honestly, yes this is the hard part, choosing the title.....but if I had to pick certain points that come accross from your song...it would have to be a title doing w/....nights...darkness....pain...and being unable to run..or get away. Do what you want...but what came to me first was something like "Still Pain"....being stuck and unable to run from your problems(loved one)....and I hope this song isnt personal.....b/c its not a good thing.....hope I was some help...

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I can understand the perhaps *odd* times in which we receive inspiration. And as far as math class is concerned...my mind has a tendency to wander frequently when I'm supposed to be focusing on that subject. I guess there's something about pre-calculas that just makes me...oh...I don't know...look for anything else to occupy my mind with? Although, being easily distracted is my general nature...which I suppose has become apparent as I have already rambled on with no real subtance to speak of in my reply. haha.


So, let me try this once more:

First and foremost, Thank You for your input. I appreciate the help. As to whether the song is personal...actually, it is. Not everything I write is always personal...Although it is, I would say, more often than not. I've since gotten myself out of the situation and I actually have written this being free from it. However, you don't forget the feeling and when I wrote this my mind reverted back to that time in my life when I really didn't think I ever would 'escape the demon' so to speak. I still see him on occasion...and I suppose what really is the hardest part is seeing his face start to morph back into that unhuman expression of anger. It's times like that when I remember the feeling...that...fear; even being fairly reassured of protection now, that look can send me back to the old feeling in an instant, and it was such an instant like that...that reinspired me to write these lyrics. Writing is my chicken soup for the soul (lol) and I'm glad there are places such as this where we have the anonymity and ability to not only share, but also receive responses. Thank You again.

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That's pretty powerful stuff you have there, great poem! I'd either name it "Another quiet night" or "The Demon."


Mr Mister1


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, I really like your title ideas. At the point of posting this I had not taken time yet to even begin to think of a title. I still have yet to sit down and really think on it, but I very much like both of those. So thank you so much for your help.

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Actually, I'm stuck between the two suggestions you offered..."The Demon" would really highlight the antagonist of the piece...but the title seems a little...I don't know...simple? It really does lend focus to a very important aspect of the piece though...so I like it a lot. I added the mention of "the demon" in the song as reference to the appearance as well as the attitude of...well, my father on such "quiet nights". For me it draws up a vivid visual of the scowl and the deep crimson shade of his face and his dark eyes...but on the other hand...because the song is more about my inner struggle or strength or weakness, or what have you in the face of the adversity....I like the title "Another Quiet Night". "The Demon" can draw up a visual for me...but I don't think it would have the same affect on someone else. Whereas with the title, "Another Quiet Night" the entire situation is encompassed in a more ironic and poetic way.


Hah, so now that I have walked through my entire thought process and come to a conclusion I think I'll go with...


"Another Quiet Night". And heck, maybe I'll send you a whole bunch of pieces to lend me title ideas for. lol. But again, thank you very much. I really appreciated it.

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