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How to know if a girl is attracted to you.


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Hey everybody here is my story. I saw this girl in the weight room 4 days ago. I recognized her from elementary before she moved. Its been about 10 years. I last saw her about 3 years ago, but never talked to her. I have been going to the weight room for about 3 months and never saw her in there. Every since 4 days ago when i saw her in there she has been coming every night the same time as me. I kinda felt like she was sneeking looks at me alot but not sure. She has been bringing her sister with her every night with her. What do you guys make of this. Any way I really like this girl, and she knows some of my friends but I am not sure if she remembers me. I should i go about approaching her, and asking her out without it being weird.

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Justin, you said that you know this girl from elementary school and sounds like she recognizes you in the weight room. I would walk up to her next time you see her in the weight room and say, "I think I know you...I'm Justin. Did we go to elementary school together?" Then see what she says. Since you know her from your past, use that as leverage to begin a conversation with her and see where it leads.

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